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The National Fire & Iron Firefighters Motorcycle Club was originally founded in Orlando, Florida in 1999. Since its inception, the "Nation of Stations" has grown throughout the United States and international countries. There are more than 150 Stations (chapters) and 1 International station (Germany). Fire and Iron is a group of Firefighters, and other members associated with the fire service, who love to ride and have a good time. Our club prides itself in its effort to support various charitable organizations and support other clubs while remaining a neutral motorcycle club. Each member of Fire and Iron FFMC shares a passion for the brotherhood of the fire service, the motorcycling community and the call of the open road.  

Station 12 was organized in July 2008 and is made up of firefighters that live or work in South Mississippi. We share the brotherhood of our profession and our love of motorcycle riding. We are all very proud of our dedication to our chosen profession. Prospective members are required to undergo a probationary period..

Motorcycle Club Protocol: NOTE all prospective members must read prior to receiving colors:

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Station 12 Officers
President: Tony (TPAT) Patterson:

Vice President: Mike (Paw Paw) White:

Secretary/Treasurer: Josh (Scrap Pappy) Coltrain:

Sgt At Arms: Tom (Stumpy) Dayon

Road Captain: Vic (Bulldog) McMahan

Road Captain: Dave (Hippi) Young


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July 2008


Tony "TPat" Patterson

Mike "Paw Paw" White

Tom "Stumpy" Dayon

Vic "Bulldog" McMahan

Number 5 is no longer a member

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